Objects in Space

by Damon Huss

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all songs written by Damon Huss

recorded in 1997 by Damon Huss and David A.G. Baker


released December 17, 2015

mixed and mastered by David A.G. Baker

"Sheets of Glass" and "Lazy Thing" originally published under the band moniker Positron

℗ + © Damon Huss 1997

thanks to Keith Ash, David A.G. Baker, Edwin Baker, Will Baum, Jon Behar, Robert Butler, Vicki Campagna, Darren Cifarelli, James Fenton, Aimee Groener, Jenny Groener, Jerod Gunsberg, Josh Haden, Evan Hartzell, Eric Ernest Johnson, Patrick McGilligan, Doug Shaffer, Robert Shaw, The Urinals, Michael Vest, and to everyone else who was there back then and who listens now



all rights reserved


Damon Huss Santa Monica, California

photo credit: Evan Hartzell

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Track Name: Sheets of Glass
I might be alive
or dead but satisfied
never looking
in mirrors
your sensitive eyes
reacting to the shine
are more beautiful
than before

wash away
in the rain
slide along the waves
like sheets of glass

expect any day
a major weather change
clouds will fold
into suns
the road's paved with pain
but I'd hate to walk away
your soft red lips
give direction

heart's lost in your head
so easy
love's not in your brain
whatever they say
thank god
love is never sane
Track Name: Ornament
it's a matter of time forgotten
childhood ideal we left behind
or set aside
listen to the water freeze
on your face

all the leaves on the tree
shine them up and set them free
one by one
they will fall off
just as long as you confide in me
and me in you

I'd go a lifetime without light
but not one day without you
here's the truth
listen to the falling tears
on your face

ornaments on the tree
smash them up
and set them free
nature's order is restored
Track Name: The Curse
my mouth is shaping
around the perfect words
that I say to soothe you
if they don't bring you down
cause when I yell
and when I scream
I'm usually alone
and you say "listen, baby
life's not really half as bad
as you've known"

I wish I didn't love you
but I do
cause the curse upon me has to
burn you too

I know it's only a feeling
and they say it ain't right
to think yourself singled out
for a horrible life
but people love their dreaming
like me they make no sound
cause if you knew what I'm feeling
you wouldn't want me around
Track Name: Lazy Thing
here with the heat
of a newborn star
rising around our heads
I could pull the air down
that's left in the sky
ask and I won't
go too high

cause when you need to
hold me close to you
I'll settle down in your arms
and be your lazy thing

your steady breathing
is always there
a rhythmic ride
up the stairs
look back down
on the white pointed sun
ask and my work
will be done

sleep mimicking
a life after death
sleepless love
and limitless breath