Live at Molly Malone's 2011

by Damon Huss

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recorded at Molly Malone's
Los Angeles
28 October 2011

℗ + © 2011 Damon Huss


released December 29, 2011

all songs written and performed by Damon Huss

photo by Charlyn Huss d'Anconia



all rights reserved


Damon Huss Santa Monica, California

photo credit: Evan Hartzell

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Track Name: Let You Dream (Live)
I watch you sleeping
In the middle of the evening
Late summer lights are cold
Like autumn

Your circulation slows
Blood takes it easy
Before I go and
Just in time I kiss your lips
I want you

Should I turn the light on
Or let you dream?

In midnight's waking eyes
Kiss the darkness with your smile
And inevitably I'm mesmerized
Where am I?

Should I turn the light on
Or let you dream?
Stand here on my head
Or in the street
I can't feel my feet
But oh, your eyes

I watch you sleeping
In the middle of the morning
Your portrait, invisible ink
Can capture this
Track Name: I Don't Know Whose Tears I'm Crying (Live)
In my mind
Two voices offer pleas
One is always skeptical
But the other wants to believe

In their cries
Which only I perceive
Light shines on the love I gave
Shadow on the love I need

I don't know whose tears I'm crying

In this life
We look for the love unseen
Through miracles and misery
And the time lost in between
I know you in my heart
There's no need to believe
Because I know that in this dark
You're sleeping in my heart
Track Name: Love Won't Be Denied (Live)
Give me your heart
Give me your eyes
Don't think me selfish, babe
Love is all-wise
Here by the ocean
Show me your mind
I've been waiting
And love won't be denied